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Fabric Upholstery Care Kit

Fabric Care Kit contains Leather Hero’s professional grade fabric upholstery cleaner and protector. Remove dirt, oils and stains then protect your clean furniture and car trim with our advanced polymer shield.


Featuring advanced anti-stain technology, this commercial-grade water-based fabric cleaner and protector are designed for use on fabric upholstery and automotive trim. Use Fabric Cleanse (No.18) to clean away stubborn marks caused by everyday stain-makers such as oils, pets, foods, drinks, makeup and organics. Protect your freshly cleaned fabrics with Fabric Protect (No.20). Invisible polymers coat and penetrate the fibres forming a web-like shield against grime. With this dynamic duo on hand, your fabric upholstery will keep its good looks much longer.

Included in the kit:

Products Accessories
250ml Fabric Cleanse (No.19) 1 x Microfibre Cloth 40cm x40cm
250ml Fabric Protect (No.20) 1 x Disposable Latex Gloves

Also available in separate 250ml and 1L pack sizes