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Leather Care Kit

Essential leather care kit including leather cleaner, conditioner and protector. Perfect for use on your leather lounge and car upholstery.


Leather Hero’s Leather Care Kit includes your essential maintenance products.

Regular care greatly extends the life of your leather and keeps it looking and feeling beautiful for a much longer. This kit boasts professional grade products that produce professional grade results. With regular use, your leather becomes easier to clean and keep clean. Perfect for use on your leather and vinyl car interior, boat seats and home and office furniture.

Tips & Specs

Suitable for finished and man-made leather (excludes nubuck, suede and aniline).

Not sure what to buy? See our Blog Post; What type of leather do I have?

Also available in 1L pack sizes and products are sold separately.

Included in the kit are 7 pieces.


Products Accessories
250ml Cleanse (No.1) 1 x Microfibre Cloth 40cm x40cm
250ml Protect (No.2) 1 x Small applicator sponge
250ml Nourish (No.3) 1 x Scrubbing Brush
1 x Disposable Latex Gloves

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