Leather Ink Remover Stick 25ml

Ink remover for new ink and lipstick stains on finished leather and vinyl. Keep one handy so that you can always treat new pen stains immediately for best results.


Who comes to the rescue when your pen goes where it shouldn’t? Leather Hero Ink Stick (No.17) does! This professional grade ink removing stick has the power to draw fresh ink and lipstick from leather and vinyl. Long lasting and convenient, keep one handy so that you can always treat ink stains immediately for best results.

Tips & Specs

Suitable for finished and man-made leather (excludes nubuck, suede and aniline).

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Leather Hero Tip: Note that aged stains are less likely to remove and require several applications. After removing all available ink from the surface of your leather, recolouring over the area is the best way to effectively eliminate the stain. Don’t skip the ink removal step as recolouring alone may result in the stain returning to the surface. Test for colourfastness in an inconspicuous place before proceeding with ink stain treatment. May remove protective coatings and colour. If this occurs, it is recommended to recolour, protect and condition your leather.