Leather Transferred Dye Stain Remover

Transferred dye remover is ideal for cleaning newspaper stains, clothing dye and denim stain, food and curry marks, hair dye and fake tan stains from leather. Water-based, easy to use, fast drying and Australian made, Leather Hero’s Dye Remover (No.15) is a premium choice for your car, fashion and furniture leather care.

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Leather Hero Dye Remover (No.15) is specially designed to remove transferred dye from leather. Printed paper, dyed clothing, food stains (such as beetroot and curry), hair dyes, throws and fake tan are notorious for transferring dye onto other surfaces.

Great for getting the ‘denim’ off your car seats, Dye Remover (No.15) is easy to use; just spray on, let it soak for a minute or two, then scrub with a soft bristle brush and wipe off.

Tips & Specs

Suitable for finished, unfinished and man-made leathers. A test patch is recommended.

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Leather Hero Tip: The cleanability of transferred dye stains varies according to the strength of the dye, how absorbent the leather finish is and how long the dye has had to penetrate into the layers of the finish. Aged stains are harder to remove so treat this type of stain immediately for best results. If, after treatment, the problem is not completely resolved, refinishing and leather protection are advised.