Are Leather Hero products safe to use?

Our products are safe for you, the environment and your leather. Follow our safety instructions and use common sense at all times.

You: Used correctly, our products are not hazardous. If you have high levels of sensitivity to cleaning products, pigments, glues or other household/hardware products, we recommend that you take extra precautions to manage your sensitivity or do not use Leather Hero products. 

The environment: Leather Hero and our manufacturing partners are focused on ever improving environmental sustainability. Our products wash up in water, are biodegradable and exclude the use of propellants. Our bottles and jars are recyclable and we minimise delivery packaging wherever possible.  

Your leather: Leather Hero products are specifically designed for safe use on leather. Each product is dedicated to sustaining the beauty and longevity of leather. Selected and used correctly, the products will not harm leather. Due to the vast array of leather types, grades and finishes in the marketplace, as a precaution, we recommend that you test for product suitability/compatibility for your specific leather before proceeding. Note that non-suitability/compatibility does not equate to a product fault or failure. 

Where are Leather Hero products made?

Leather Hero products are made in Australia. For some products, imported ingredients undergo a significant blending process in Australia to form a usable product. 

Can Leather Hero supply products in bulk volumes?

On request, we can supply many products in bulk. If you require products in larger volumes than shown in the Leather Hero online store, let us know. 

Can Leather Hero supply other leather care products?

If you need a specialist leather product not listed in our online store, contact us. Whether it’s a leather degreaser, spew remover or dye, we can help. 

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