Can all leather problems be fixed?

The good news is that many leather mishaps can be successfully repaired, although the old adage 'a stitch in time saves nine' typically applies. 

Soiling is the most typical problem affecting leather furniture. Regular cleaning with professional grade leather care products keeps it looking and feeling great. It also helps it live longer! Fortunately, even neglected leather with built up and ground in dirt can be successfully cleaned. 

Small rips, holes, scratches and scuffs can usually be restored such that the repair site is completely blended in and becomes barely detectable. Missing patches can be replaced although the repair site may still be evident on closer inspection. Fading can be corrected with recolouring and stains can be successfully treated. Even ink can be removed and the colour restored. 

For large splits, holes and deeply soaked in oils consult a professional.  

Can all vinyl problems be fixed?

One of the limitations of vinyl is its low repairability. As a lower priced upholstery and fashion option, it is more realistically supplied as a disposable product. That means that large splits, delimitation and peeling may signal that the end is nigh. That’s not to say that vinyl cannot or shouldn’t be cleaned and conditioned regularly. After all, it’s maintenance that lets you get the best out of any product. Minor colour related problems can also be corrected. There’s nothing standing in the way of small recolouring projects like changing up a pair of vinyl shoes or some timely handbag touchups. 

Will the repair be visible?

Most minor repairs are usually not detectable. Larger problems may be repairable but the site of the repair may be evident, particularly up close. 

Is it expensive to restore leather?

Repairs generally cost far less than replacing the item. Typically you can remove unsightly damage to a leather couch  for far less than the cost of replacing it. By using a Leather Hero Repair Kit, you can add hundreds, maybe thousands back to the value of your furniture or car by restoring the upholstery. 

When can I use my repaired item?

Leather Hero products are water based and therefore, air drying. Although they will usually be dry within 30 minutes, it is best to give your repaired leather 24 -48 hours to fully cure before using it again.

Can ink stains be removed from leather?

Whilst ink is a particularly persistent stain, Leather Hero Ink Stick is specifically designed to lift ink pigments from leather. Best results are achieved when the ink is fresh. Remember to do a colourfast test on an inconspicuous area first. If not colourfast, recolouring may be necessary. If the stain is set-in, remove as much ink as possible then recolour the area. 

Can pet scratches be removed from leather?

How frustrating are pet scratches? The good news is that, in most cases on genuine leather, they can be successfully repaired. In a nutshell, it’s a simple process of:

  • trimming, sanding or glueing any larger loose tags of leather
  • filling the pits with Leather Hero Fill No 5 (Build up in thin layers if needed)
  • sanding the area smooth
  • recolouring to match

You’ll be amazed at the results and so pleased you decided to do it.

Can cigarette burns be removed from leather?

Small holes in leather, such as cigarette burns, can be restored. 

Can the colour of my lounge be changed to a completely new colour?

With Leather Hero pigments, you can let your imagination go wild. With a quality leather lounge in reasonable condition, the right products, a spare weekend and a steady approach, you can update the colour of your lounge. 

Can soiled suede and nubuck leather be cleaned?

Yes. Our nubuck and suede products are specifically designed to safely clean and nourish these beautiful unfinished leathers. 

How long will the repair last?

It depends on a few factors; good preparation, the location of the repair on the piece, the extent of the damage before the repair, the grade and condition of the leather and how it used and cared for after the repair. Leather Hero products are manufactured to the highest industry standard. They employ the same state of the art technology now used within the leather tanning industry. This means that they enable optimum results every time. 

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