Warranty Against Defects

Under what circumstances can I have a replacement product?

You will be entitled to replacement product if the product you receive from us has a defect of manufacturing.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Contact us within 14 days of the defect becoming apparent and supply your:

  • reason for claiming a replacement product
  • original order number
  • name and address

We will review your claim and send you a Return Authorisation email. We must receive the defective product within 14 days of the Return Authorisation being sent to you. 

How do I make a warranty return?

Within 14 days of the Return Authorisation being sent to you, in a return box or parcel, send:

  • the defective product (including all components)
  • a copy of your Return Authorisation and Order Confirmation emails
  • your products to:

Leather Hero
PO Box 401
Mona Vale NSW 1660

Who is responsible for my warranty return in transit?

Your warranty claim return will be made at your cost and at your risk. You must package it securely and check that all products are included. 

We will not be responsible for returns or products that are: 

  • lost, stolen or damaged in transit
  • incomplete (missing products) 
How will my claim be processed?

When received, we will assess the product for defects and if approved, supply a replacement product. In most circumstances, we will do this within 2 business days. If the product is not defective, we will notify you and return your product to you upon receipt of payment from you for return postage providing it is received within 90 days of us sending the Return Authorisation email. 

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